April 2024:

We receive a very good reception at the gig at St John's Church. Lots of positive comments and a happy team of event organisers! Most of the new songs went well on the night with a few still 'work in progress'. Hopefully we have helped to raise a substantial amount to bolster church funds.

March 2024:

We now reckon that we will have seven or eight new songs ready for the gig at St John's Church hall in Sandiway in April. We still need to work on structures and endings for a couple of them particularly where the original recordings fade out.

February 2024:

Work is progressing well on the new songs and we have prioritised those that we hope to lick into shape in time for the next gig.

January 2024:

We would like to wish all our friends and supporters a happy and healthy New Year! We are starting work on a batch of new songs which we will hopefully introduce during the year.

December 2023:

Great fun at The Coachman gig with plenty of Christmas spirit flowing in the bar area and lots of enthusiastic dancers. A really good way end end another successful year for the band! 

November 2023

Following another successful Davenham gig, we are busy working on some Xmas songs to add into our set list for our pre-Christmas gig at The Coachman in December.

October 2023:

We play our 'concert-style' gig at Davenham Theatre. During the evening there is a raffle with the funds going to St Luke's Hospice. More news soon about this gig!

September 2023:

We are busy getting ready for our gig at Davenham Theatre in August, Chris produces the set list which will. like last year, feature a gradual progression from the more 'chilled' numbers to a more rocky end to the performance.

August 2023:

We play at The Coachman in Hartford which is new management this year. Due to a date change, Mike is away on holiday so Lisa sits in on drums and does a great job! The new owners were very pleased and looking forward to us returning in December for a pre-Xmas gig.

July 2023:

We play for the first time at The Venue in Rudheath. Before the gig, we were told that the audience would like to dance .. and they certainly did!  A great evening and good feedback from both attendees and the organisers.

June 2023:

After Steve C returns from holiday, we start working on some new songs for our summer and autumn gigs. We add to the repertoire some more laid back numbers as well as a few more upbeat ones.

May 2023:

We play our first gig since Emma's return to the band. Steve C is on holiday in Greece so Steve S steps in to play bass for this gig. The evening goes well in a full St John's Church Hall. We get lots of positive feedback ... and a return booking for next year!

April 2023:

Emma has been able to rejoin us for band practices and we are working towards new material for the acoustic/chilled set for our first gig of the year at St John's Church hall, Sandiway on 20th May. Steve C will be on holiday on there gig date so Steve S has kindly agreed to stand in for him on bass.

March 2023:

Great news! Congratulations to Emma and Nathan! Baby Poppy Mae has arrived ten days early and her proud parents are starting to settle into their new family routines. Emma tells us that she is hoping to resume with the band during April.

February 2023:

Dave's future daughter-in-law, Georgia has stepped in during Emma's absence to sing the female vocals at weekly band practices so that we can keep things going and also work on some new material over the coming months.

January 2023:

Spitting Feathers band would like to wish a very happy New Year to all our friends and supporters. We look forward to seeing you all at future gigs during this year.

December 2022:

We have enjoyed playing our pre-Xmas gig at The Coachman to a small but appreciative audience. This is Emma's last gig before she starts her maternity break from the band in the new year so wish her and Nathan all the very best!

November 2022:

Our next gig at The Coachman is coming soon in December. We are going to ring the changes with a few new tracks including some Christmas songs to celebrate the festive period! 

October 2022:

We are back at The Coachman again this month and for the first time since Lyn took over from Justin as landlord earlier in the year. We always seem to get a good response from an appreciative audience so we are looking forward to another great night. 

September 2022:

There was a bumper crowd at the Northwich Beer Festival this year and they were 'warmed up' by a support band before we took to the stage later in the evening. Great feedback and the organiser was delighted with the result!

August 2022:

We are busy preparing for our 'headline' performance at the Northwich Beer Festival next month. Out of the blue, Steve L tells us he has bought a trumpet! 

July 2022:

Our first visit back to Lymm Cricket Club since before the pandemic. Lots of people there and and excellent BBQ to start off the evening. We opened with an acoustic set before playing an upbeat set later on. 

June 2022:

A 'boys only' gig at Acton Bridge to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Lots of dancing in the marquee and a really nice local community event. 

May 2022:

It was a great gig at Davenham Theatre playing a sold-out show and receiving lots of very positive feedback. Our next gig will be coming up soon in June.

April 2022:

Our gig at Davenham Theatre is now fixed for this coming Saturday 23rd May and we are just about to start final rehearsals including our short acoustic set. Very exciting!

March 2022:

We have been looking forward to playing at Davenham Theatre this coming Saturday 19th but Dave has just tested positive for Covid and so the event will need to be rescheduled. 

February 2022:

This month we are delighted to be back playing again at The Coachman on 18th which just happens to be landlord Justin's 50th birthday bash so who knows what might happen! 

January 2022:

A very happy new year to all our friends and supporters! We are very excited because we will be playing a very special gig at Davenham Theatre in March ... and, for the first time, this will include an acoustic set! 

December 2021:

We play our pre-Christmas gig at The Coachman in Hartford.  Not the biggest run out we had seen but those that came along were very enthusiastic, singing and dancing along until midnight. A very enjoyable evening!

November 2021:

We are now preparing for our next gig in December and are planning to incorporate some new songs into the set list.

October 2021:

We continue to expand our current repertoire and look forward to trying out some of these new songs at future gigs.

September 2021:

We played at the Northwich Beer Festival and this turned out to be fantastic event. Lots of happy people singing and dancing to our music which made for a brilliant night. great feedback from the organisers and would love to play again if asked.

August 2021:

We play our first gig back after lockdown at The Coachman in Hartford. Fantastic to be back playing live again at a local venue. There was an enthusiastic crowd to support us and it felt as though we had never been away. The following week, as Emma was recovering from her hen night, we played a 'boys only' set at The Crown music festival and this seemed to go down really well with those attending.

July 2021:

We have had confirmation that we will be playing at the Northwich Beer Festival in 17th September! great news. We last played at this event in 2016 before both Steve C and Emma joined the band.

June 2021:

Things are starting to take shape. We are starting to sound like a band again! Dave has spoken to Justin at The Coachman in Hartford and we now have a series of gigs arranged for the remainder of this year. We plan to add a special song to the set to mark our return ' home'.

May 2021:

Band practices resume on 19th May. We are all a bit rusty but that is only to be expected after a fifteen month lay off. It is great to be back playing together again.

April 2021:

We meet together as a band for the first time this year and start to plan our 're-entry' to rehearsing again in May provided that the restrictions as lifted then.

March 2021:

The Covid situation is now looking much more promising and we start to think about how we can return to playing again soon.

February 2021:

We are waiting to hear details of the government's 'road map' for phasing out the current lockdown. In the meantime, Mike completes the remaining four videos from the recording session.

January 2021:

Mike completes mixing the audio and multi-camera video files for the first two of our recorded tracks - Go Your Own Way and our own composition You Got Me.

December 2020:

A quieter than anticipated pre-Xmas period for us. The band would like to wish all friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and, hopefully, a much happier New Year!

November 2020:

A new lockdown has been imposed so no chance now of gigging before the new year. 

October 2020:

We are still hopeful that we may be able to play our pre-Xmas gig but will need to watch this space for further developments.

September 2020:

Unfortunately restrictions are being tightened again and it looks as though any project of gigging will have to be put on the back burner again.

August 2020:

We visit The Coachman to plan an outside gig using our band gazebo. it will probably be early evening to avoid upsetting the neighbours.

July 2020:

The government is progressively easing restrictions and we ae discussing with Justin at The Coachman the possibility of us playing a outdoor gig there in early Autumn.

June 2020:

Mike starts work on collating the audio files from our Spirit Studios recording session and produces an initial mix of each track for feedback from other band members.

May 2020:

Given the continuing restrictions, we think about other options for practising together and consider remote jamming sessions using JamKazam. We eventually decide to rule this out given the technical and IT complexities that would be involved.

April 2020:

Covid-19 has arrived and our normal activities have needed to be put on hold for the time being, We are hoping be back gigging again by the summer but, in the meantime, both band practices and gigs are cancelled.

March 2020:

Another fantastic gig at The Coachman in Hartford! the place was buzzing all night and the audience were enjoying it so much that we ended up playing until 12.30am! We have four more bookings at the venue this year including a pre-Xmas bash on 19th December.

February 2020:

We were very excited to visit the Charlie Jones Live Room at Spirit Studios in Manchester for our first recording session. Under the supervision of Steve Thompson, an experienced sound engineer, the studio team helped us to record six tracks, including our very own composition, You Got Me.

February 2020:

A busy month for us. We played at a 50th birthday party at Barnton Cricket Club followed by our first visit of the year to The Lord Eldon in Knutsford.

January 2020:

We start the year with a return visit to The Coachman, adding six new songs into the set. Steve C's mandolin make its debut on Losing My Religion. Fantastic party atmosphere in the pub with lots of dancing!

December 2019:

As we look back on a busy and successful year for Spitting Feathers band, we can be very pleased with the progress we have made. We would like to wish all our customers, friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2019:

We played a brilliant second gig at The Coachman in Hartford. The place was buzzing with lots of dancing and partying going on. A fitting send off for Steve S who has now decided to focus on the local panto and other musical projects rather than remain in the band. We are sad to see Steve depart but he has promised to dep for us where needed in the future so we will stay in regular contact. We would like to thank Steve for all he has done for us over the last year or so.

October 2019:

For this year's charity fundraiser we partnered with Open Hearts and Minds, a small charity that provides education opportunities for children in a remote Kenyan village. The gig was a sell-out, the dance floor was full and we helped raised more than a £1,000 for the charity.

September 2019:

Another brilliant night at the Oulton Park Superbikes event. The Marquee was full to bursting and we played an excellent set to a very responsive audience before handing over to Hollowpoint for the second slot of the evening.

August 2019

What a fantastic night at the Moore Rugby Club Beer Festival! The place was absolutely bouncing and the Club Chairman said that our performance was 'outstanding'. You couldn't ask for much better than that! We will be back next year to play at future club events.

July 2019

After a brilliant first gig at The Coachman in Hartford, we are very excited to hear that we have been asked back to lay again on 30th November. We can't wait for this gig, as the atmosphere should be fantastic!

July 2019:

We will now be playing two gigs in one day on Saturday 27th July. In the afternoon we will be playing at Rhythm on the River Festival at the Leigh Arms followed by our first gig at The Coachman in Hartford in the evening.

June 2019:

Chris is on holiday so Steven finally gets an opportunity to wield his axe as our lead guitarist for the charity gig at Knight's Grange on 22nd June. He has put in an enormous amount of time learning the guitar parts for the songs in our set and his efforts are fully rewarded by a brilliant performance on the day. Well done, Steven ....... and now back to your 'day job' behind the sound desk!


June 2019:

We have a busy month ahead with five gigs over four weekends. The are also extra band practices so that we can further expand our repertoire for these gigs.

May 2019:

Steve C is off on his annual holiday in Skiathos so Steve S will be moving over to play bass for us at the Lymm Cricket Club gig. Hope the temperatures improve over the coming days or it will be rather chilly playing in that marquee on the cricket field!

May 2019:

Further investment in equipment with both Chris and Dave purchasing floor monitors. Emma, Steve C and Mike are still persevering with in-ear monitors which seem to be doing the job.

April 2019:

What has Dave started? Steve C has now bought a mandolin! Now let me think about this ..... which REM song could possibly need a mandolin?

April 2019:

Dave is now having saxophone lessons so there is now a very good chance that we will be able to incorporate this new instrument into our set.

March 2019:

After the positive feedback about our two original songs, we have been encouraged to continue writing some of our own material and a few more are now in the pipeline!

March 2019:

More gigs dates have been added to our calendar. Looks as though June is going to be a particularly busy month for us with five gigs already in the diary for that month!

February 2019:

Work has now finished on our two original songs and were planning to debut these at The Lighthouse on 2nd March. There is a third song in there pipeline .... and, who knows, maybe more!


February 2019:

This year is starting to look very busy for us! A wedding on 22nd of this month and bookings for three more gigs during the summer period. Oh ... and Dave is threatening to play sax on some of our songs ... very exciting times!

January 2019:

Latest additions to our band diary for this year. An 80's Night charity gig in aid of St Luke's Hospice at Barnton Cricket Club on Saturday 9th February and two dates to play for the British Superbikes events at Oulton Park on 5th May  and 7th September.

January 2019:

As we resume band practices this month, we have now started working on two original songs plus a number of songs from our 'back catalogue' which Emma will sing. We hope to give these songs an airing at our next gig which will be on 2nd March.

December 2018:

Spitting Feathers band would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that 2019 brings everything you wish for.

December 2018:

We are getting excited about some ideas for original songs which Emma has come up with! Watch this space for further developments!

November 2018:

We play a fantastic gig at the Portal Golf Club Autumn Charity Ball where we help tp raise money for St Luke's Hospice and the Leighton hospital Neo-Natal Unit. The dance floor was full all evening and we have had some really good feedback from the audience. We also say a fond farewell and big thank you to Shelagh who is guesting at her final gig with us before resuming work in her duo, Random.

November 2018:

After depping for us several times during recent months, we are pleased to welcome Steve S to the band. Steve will play electro-acoustic guitar and will add both lead and harmony vocals to our mix. As a multi-instrumentalist, Steve can also stand in on bass guitar when needed. We now have a full line up!

October 2018:

Our search is over! We would like to officially welcome Emma to the band as our new singer. She has started to work with us over the last few weeks and made her 'debut' appearance alongside Shelagh on 29th September. Emma will progressively take on more lead vocals and complete the handover with Shelagh by end November.

September 2018:

Fantastic charity fundraiser evening at The Stronghold on Saturday 29th enjoyed by friends and families. Lots of dancing, great fun and, most importantly, we raised £400 for PettyPool Vocational College. Here is Chris presenting our cheque to Lois Bateman, the PettyPool Fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who helped and to all our kind sponsors including ODEON Cinemas, Kanya Bistro and Bar, Lucky Petes Chippy, Define Food and Wine, Chef & Brewer, Shelagh Jones, Cheryl Booth, Linda at Choc affair, Julie Bone, Chris Bone and Dave Gowler  We would also like to thank The Stronghold Weaverham Church for providing the venue.


September 2018:

We play Truckfest on 15th September with Lisa kindly standing in on vocals. We were well received by the audience but the event was rather spoilt by a couple of guys who insisted on repeatedly exposing themselves right in front the stage with security just watching on.

September 2018:

A busy month for the band, starting with a brilliant gig at The Lord Eldon in Knutsford on Saturday 1st. Best audience response we have had at this venue and the place was buzzing!

August 2018:

Our search for a replacement singer continues whilst Shelagh helps us out again on Band Holiday Monday at the Northwich Festival where we share the bill with Harley'N'Dutch, Boneyard Alley and the ukulele band!

July 2018:

Pauline has left the band and we are currently recruiting for a replacement female lead singer. in the meantime, Shelagh had agreed to support the band in a deputising role.

July 2018:

We have been asked to play at The Leigh Arms 2018 charity Music Festival so an extra gig date has been added for Saturday 28th July. We have a 60 minute slot and will be on stage at 5.50pm. This is really exciting news and we are looking forward to playing for a big audience. 

July 2018:

We went on 'tour' to Durham to play at Dave's sister's 60th birthday party and Steven drove the van which we had hired. Loading and unloading the van made us realise just how much sound and lighting equipment we have!

June 2018:

Our best gig to date at The Lord Eldon in Knutsford on 30th June. Great audience reaction and we had people up dancing for much of the time. Lots of nice feedback including compliments from the management who are keen to get our 2019 dates booked into their diary.

June 2018:

We started playing our 45-minute set at the Northwich Party at Park today and all went well until a power failure brought an end to proceedings in the middle of our sixth song. We struggled on as best we could with acoustic versions of What's Up and Breakfast at Tiffany's but the power didn't return and we we told that the remainder of the set would have to be abandoned. First time this has ever happened to us and hope for more luck if we are invited back again next year!

June 2018:

Our trailer had its first outing at Lymm OP Cricket Club where we played a really good gig on 25th May. Steve Salisbury also made a very successful debut at Hoghton Tower gig on 3rd June deputising for Steve C on bass. We had very positive feedback from both gigs!

May 2018:

We are investing! A gazebo for outdoor performances and a box trailer to transport our sound and lighting equipment to and from gigs. Look out for the trailer being towed locally by Steven's red Landrover Defender!

May 2018:

By playing two sets at the Fun4Freddie charity fundraiser at Winnington Rec on 6th May, we were delighted help the amazing Billie Pickstock to raise over £4,000 to pay for Freddie's next course of therapy. What a result!

April 2018:

We have been very fortunate to secure the services of Steve Salisbury to stand in for Steve C for the gig at Hoghton Tower in June. Steve S will also be dipping for Dave at a gig in September. He is rapidly becoming our 'super sub'.

April 2018:

Brilliant gig at Blakemere Village on 21st. Great weather, superb facilities and a very appreciative audience. Hope to invited back for future events at the venue!

March 2018:

We have been invited to play a gig at Portal Golf Club in July. This will be a charity fund-raiser in aid of St Luke's Hospice and will be our  first of the year. This will be our second visit to Portal.

March 2018:

We are planning to add a number of new songs to our set for Julie's Birthday Party on 31st March. We have included some great vocal harmonies on some of these songs and are looking forward to performing them live for the first time!

February 2018:

6 more new songs in the pipeline for gigs this Spring ...... Steven may make a special appearance on stage for one of these so watch this space!

January 2018:

Steven has bought himself a guitar and has started learning some of our songs. He threatens to join us on stage for one or two number at gigs this year ... who will babysit the sound desk whilst he is 'strutting his stuff'?

January 2018:

We are now working on the next batch of new songs which we will introduce into our set list from March onwards. Six new songs at present ... and still counting!

December 2017:

We would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the band!

December 2017:

Last gig of the year at The Lord Eldon. A very cold night with a small but enthusiastic audience. Pauline's third gig with us and we tried out about six new songs and all seemed to be well-received. Looking forward to returning next year for three more gigs at this venue.

November 2017:

After performing really well with us during the October gigs, we are delighted to announce that Pauline has now joined the band as our new female lead singer. We look forward to a great future with Pauline as part of the team!

October 2017:

Played two gigs this month and Pauline, the other female singer that we are currently auditioning, sang with us at both of these gigs. The first was at The Lord Eldon in Knutsford on 7th October, followed by our non-stop two hour performance at the Hospfest charity event in Tarporley where we helped to raise more than £1,500 in much needed funding for Tarporley Hospital.

September 2017:

Fantastic gig at Oulton Park last night for the British Superbikes event! The audience was really rocking and there was a great party atmosphere. Hope we get the opportunity to play at this event again!

September 2017:

Hot off the press! At short notice, we have been asked to play at Oulton Park for the British Superbikes evening event on Friday 15th September and Nzera will be having her second gig with us. We are now regulars at Oulton Park but this will be our first time at this big event. We are really up for it and it should be a great gig!

September 2017:

Now gearing up for the gig at Tatton Park on Sunday 10th September. For this gig, we are taking a large marquee just in case it rains! Nzera, one of the female vocalists who has auditioned with us recently will be singing with us at this gig so we hope we get a good audience. 

August 2017:

Busy time this month with three gigs - Oulton Park MiniFest on 19th August, a Charity Party at Rostherne on Saturday 26th and then our Bank Holiday Monday gig at the Northwich Festival on 28th. Lisa has kindly agreed to stand in on vocals for the gigs on 26th and 28th.

August 2017:

Unfortunately Emma has had to leave the band due to family commitments so we are auditioning for a replacement female singer. Planning to meet several people over the coming weeks.

July 2017:

We play two gigs this month. The first is at the Hartford 'Picnic in the Park' on 10th July followed by a return visit to Lymm Cricket Club on Friday 14th July. Hope to get some good band photos from these events as we urgently need to design and print a new set of flyers including Emma and Steve.

June 2017:

We play our first gig with Steve on bass. We are well-received by the audience at Hebden Green School and, as a result, we get another gig enquiry for a private function. Onwards and upwards from here!

May 2017:

Another great night at Oulton Park on 20th May but in some ways a little sad because it was Paul's final gig with us on bass. Hundreds of people crowded into the marquee and we had quite a challenge to end the performance and get offstage when it reached the curfew time of 11.00pm. Hope to be invited back again in 2018. 

April 2017:

Great news. We have just received confirmation that Lymm Cricket Club would like as to play another gig at their clubhouse on 14th July. It was a great atmosphere last year and should be another really good night!

April 2017:

We have added 6 more songs to our repertoire and will be giving these a first outing at the Hebden Green School fund-raiser gig on 19th May and the Oulton Park gig on 20th May. We think that one of the new songs will be particularly appropriate for the race-going audience on 20th!

March 2017:

Two gigs this month - The Lord Eldon in Knutsford on 4th and a charity fund=raiser at Tarporley Community Centre on 18th - provided the opportunity to try out a number of new songs as well as the normal 'crowd- pleasers'.

February 2017:

Our first gig at The Railway in Nantwich. Emma sang well and the audience seemed to enjoy our set. Hope to be invited back later this year!

January 2017:

We begin working in detail on the repertoire, identifying those existing songs which Emma is comfortable to sing and earmarking additional songs to practice during the coming weeks.

December 2016:

Spitting Feathers band would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all friends and supporters. Here's hoping for a great 2017!

December 2016:

We start rehearsing with Emma and begin to get to know each other's music preferences. Emma starts to think about the new songs that she would like to bring to the repertoire.

November 2016:

On 19th November, we played a fantastic gig at the Spitting Feathers Brewery Brewbarn event as a four-piece. Our 90-minute set really got the place bouncing and we had very positive feedback afterwards from the audience!

November 2016:

 Auditions are held and we select Emma to join the band to replace Gosia.

October 2016:

We have advertised for a singer to replace Gosia and will be holding auditions as soon as possible. In the circumstances, we will play the November gig as a four-piece.

October 2016:

Gosia has announced that, because of child-minding issues, she will have to leave the band. Sad news but we have had two very good years together as a ine-up and we wish Gosia and the girls all the best for the future.

September 2016:

Now completed four of our five public gigs for August and September. Hard work but well worth all the effort. All gigs very different but each has been a success and will hopefully result in return visits next year. Dave has invested in a radio headset mic which has featured in the last two gigs meaning that Dave is now dancing about alongside Gosia whilst he is singing!

September 2016:

We have just had confirmation that we have been invited back to play again at Oulton Park for the British Touring Cars event on 20th may 2017. Always a highlight of our gig calendar!

August 2016:

Just a quick update for those of you planning to come along to our gig at The Northwich Festival at Moss farm on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, 29th August. We will be the closing act for the festival and will be playing in the main marquee from about 4.00pm for at least 60 minutes ..... and maybe longer if the crowd is screaming for more! Do come and join in the fun!

August 2016:

Brilliant gig at Lymm Cricket Club last Friday evening despite the Club's power supply tripping out for a few minutes during our second set! It is a great Club with a nice atmosphere and it seems that Chris is a 'cricketing legend' there. Lisa did very well standing in for Gosia who is on holiday in Poland. We hope to be invited back to play there again.

July 2016:

Yet another gig has been added to our band calendar. On Saturday 3rd September, we will be playing for the first time at The Lord Eldon pub in Knutsford which is well-known locally for its live music evenings. This is one we are really looking forward to! Many thanks to Bob from Tourguide who put us in touch with the pub.

July 2016:

Another gig added to our schedule!. We will be playing at the Northwich Festival on the afternoon of Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August which is the family day at the event. We will be playing on the main stage in the marquee at Moss Farm in Northwich. Should be a great gig!

July 2016:

Whilst Dave G has been enjoying the sunshine with the family in Bali, we have successfully played two really good gigs - in Knutsford and at Nunsmere Hall. Many thanks to our very able keyboard deputies, Sophie and Bob and also thanks to Dave R who stood in for Paul on bass in Knutsford and to Kemper who stood in on vocals for Dave G at Nunsmere.

June 2016:

It may not have escaped the notice of 'real ale' fans that we share our band name with a great local micro brewery based at Waverton near Chester. For the first time, we are teaming up by playing a gig at the Spitting Feathers brewery's Brewbarn event on Saturday 19th November and we are very much looking forward to this event!

May 2016:

We are delighted that new bookings are coming in steadily for the next few months. We have been asked to play at a school Party in the Park event at Knutsford on Saturday 9th July and also at a Lymm Cricket Club Social Evening event on Friday 19th August.

May 2016:

We have just had confirmation that we have been invited back to play again for the Knutsford Promenades 2016. We will be playing outdoors in the town on the afternoon of Saturday 10th September and a large crowd is expected. It should be a great event!

April 2016:

We are delighted to confirm that we will be playing on the Saturday evening at the 23rd Northwich Beer Festival to be held at the Memorial Court in Northwich. Should be a great atmosphere and a fantastic audience. Really looking forward to it!

April 2016: 

Another new booking! This is for a garden party to be held by a Knutsford Pre-School group which is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this summer. it will be an outdoor event held on Saturday 18th June and we are really looking forwards to it!

March 2016:

New date added to calendar. On 1st April we will be playing at a private birthday party at The Lighthouse in Weaverham. This is our third gig at this venue and it should be great one! Dave is going use use his new Yamaha synthesiser so listen out for some funky keys!

February 2016:

New booking for us to play at the prestigious Nunsmere Hall on 13th July for the Petty Pool College Annual Proms. The event will be attended by students, parents and staff and, for many of the students, it will be their first experience of a live music event. We are really looking forward to this gig!

February 2016:

Brilliant gig for the Northwich Soroptimists at Norley Village Hall. Packed full of people (some even turned away at the door!) and a great atmosphere with people up dancing throughout our two sets. Great night!

January 2016:

We were delighted to receive this letter from The Russett School thanking us for our donation of £300 following the successful band night on 14th November.

December 2015:

Spitting Feathers would like to wish all our customers, supporters, friends and their families a very happy Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016!

December 2015:

We were delighted to hand over a cheque to The Russett School for £300 as the proceeds from our fund-raising gig at The Lighthouse on 14th November. The money will go towards providing playground equipment for the children. We hope do more fund-raising for school during 2016.

November 2015:

Fantastic gig at The Lighthouse on 14th November. Everyone enjoyed the evening and we were successful in raising money for The Russett School! Thank you to those who attended and donated so generously.

November 2015:

Five new songs added to the set list for this coming Saturday's gig at The Lighthouse and tickets are selling well. We want to raise as much money as we can so that The Russett School can buy playground equipment. Should be a great atmosphere and a enjoyable evening!

October 2015:

Today marks the first anniversary of Gosia joining the band! We are really excited as this is the longest period in the history of Spitting Feathers without a line-up change. Here's to the future .... and to our next gig at The Lighthouse in Weaverham on 14th November which will be in aid of The Russett School!

October 2015:

Fantastic gig at St John's Church hall last Saturday. Lots of dancing and positive feedback from the organisers and guests. Look out for our short highlights video coming soon. Hope we are asked to play at this venue again!

September 2015:

We have put together a short video of our Tarporley set (now on our Music page) which shows a lot of enthusiastic dancing and we hope really captures the fantastic atmosphere on the night. Bill & Lin, from Tarporley U3A, have forwarded the link to our video to all 300 Tarporley U3A members and already we have had a lots of hits on YouTube and also on our website! Great news!

September 2015:

Two new gigs added to the band diary. on 3rd October, we will be taking the stage at a community 'hot pot and band night' at St John's Church Hall in Sandiway. On 14th November, we will be playing at a band night and charity fund-raiser at The Lighthouse in Weaverham. Looking forward to both events!

August 2015:

Great gig for Tarporley U3A last night. Packed venue, good atmosphere and lots of dancing. Tom Piper hog roast company also did an excellent job with the meal. Hope we get the opportunity to play there again!

July 2015:

Hot off the press! New gig date added. We will be playing for the Tarporley U3A Summer Party at the Tarporley Community Centre on Saturday evening, 29th August 2015. Lots of live music for dancing ... and even a hog roast Looking forward to it already!

July 2015:

We had a great time playing a live set at the Knutsford Promenades. Appreciative crowd, great support from the stage and sound crew at Event Buddha and, as you will see from watching the video on our 'Music' page, even a smoke machine and light show! Hope we get the opportunity to play in Knutsford again soon! 

June 2015:

As a result of  the positive feedback received from our recent gig, we have been asked to play again at Oulton Park in 2016!!

June 2015:

Fantastic night playing the Oulton Park gig on Saturday. Good crowd, great atmosphere ... and a lot of fun. We shared a packed marquee with over 250 people who were having a brilliant time. We were even 'supported' by a group of guys playing inflatable guitars. We had a ball and can't wait to play there again!!

May 2015:

Really good gig at Portal Premier Golf Club on Saturday evening. Plenty of people dancing and positive feedback from Morris Legge the Club President. They liked us and have suggested that they will ask us to play again in the future. great news!

April 2015:

Brilliant gig at The Lighthouse, Weaverham last Friday night. Great audience who filled the dance floor for most of the evening. Have had many positive comments from the organiser and those present ... and, as a result, a some new gig enquiries!

April 2015:

Just had confirmation that we will be playing at Portal Premier Golf Club, Tarporley on Saturday evening 23rd May at an event to mark their 25th Anniversary. There should be a great party atmosphere and we are really looking forward to playing a 90-minute set!

March 2015:

Dave just happened to mention casually at a recent band practice that he used to play keyboards for Andy Bell of Erasure. We certainly didn't know we had such a 'rock legend' in our midst. That would account for the rather funky keyboard solos that Dave has been adding into our set during the last few weeks!

February 2015:

Busily working on about 10-12 new songs in readiness of our first planned gig this year in April. Most of the new material is contemporary and many will feature Gosia on lead vocals. Songs covered range from numbers by Katy Perry and Jessie J to One Republic and Lawson - quite an eclectic mix all good for dancing!.

January 2015:

Three new dates in the gig diary for this year including playing for the first time at Oulton Park for the British Touring Cars evening event in June. Please check out our Gigs page for further details  of these gigs.

December 2014:

We played for the first time with our full line up at Moulton Drama Group's Christmas Party on 13th December. Really good gig with an appreciative audience  ... and even some dancing! Gosia sang and performed well at her first gig with us and also played rhythm guitar on a number of songs which helped to provide more depth to the overall sound. Well done (as usual) to Steven getting a great sound balance for the show. Our thanks to Moulton Drama Group for inviting us to play and also to Kanya, the outside caterers, who provided a fantastic meal before we started our set.

November 2014:

After several months of rehearsals, Spitting Feathers plays its first gig with the new line-up. About 50 friends and family enjoy a varied set at Hartford Village Hall and the audience feedback is very positive. Our new vocalist, Gosia, is unavailable to join us for this gig but we we fortunate that Lisa Bone was able to do an excellent 'guest spot' with us singing Domino and Firework.

May 2014:

Potential new band line-up meets together in Sandiway for the first time. A mixture of excitement and some nervousness. WIll everyone get on well together and can things progress from here?  ....... watch this space for the next update!

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