Spitting Feathers are:

Dave - Keyboard & Lead Vocals

Dave is an experienced musician and has previously played keyboards with Andy Bell of Erasure and sung lead vocals in other bands. In addition to singing and keys, he also plays harmonica. Dave says that he would rather be a rock star but unfortunately he still needs to continue his career in IT Sales to pay the mortgage and see the kids through Uni!

Emma - Lead Vocals                                                                                                     

Emma graduated as a graphic designer but is now a Dental Therapist and now also trains dental students as part of her work. When not relaxing at home with her fiancé and two cats, Emma loves going to music concerts and this is her first experience of singing with a band. Emma sings lead vocals for us, plays the   tambourine and also provide harmony vocals on many of our songs.

 Steve C - Bass & Vocals

Steve is both an accomplished bass player and an experienced vocalist. He sang in the same local choir as Dave who recently introduced him to the band. Interestingly, last year Steve played for another local band at the Northwich Beer Festival the evening before Spitting Feathers played at the same event! Already Steve is bringing his excellent harmony vocals to our song arrangements and he has taken on some lead vocals.

Chris - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Chris has played regularly for his local church band and, in recent years, has also become the regular guitarist in the pantomime group band. His background is mainly in playing rhythm guitar but his role in Spitting Feathers sees him taking on the challenge of lead guitar as well as playing rhythm (but not necessarily at the same time!).

Mike - Drums & Vocals

Mike co-founded Spitting Feathers in 2008 and has seen it evolve since then with a number of line-up changes but always retaining the focus of a party & function band. Mike works closely with Steve to give the band a solid 'engine' and also provides lead & backing vocals. Mike has also been Musical Director for the local pantomime group and played in the band.                             

Steven - Sound & Lighting Technician (and part-time Guitar)

When he is not busy working as an electrician, studying for his degree or volunteering with Cheshire Fire & Rescue, Steven loves to manage the band's PA system and lighting rig and is happy to spend hours fiddling with all those knobs, faders, cables and connectors to achieve the best possible front of house sound and monitor mix. Truly the 'sixth member' of the band, Steven is an invaluable member of the team ......... and   you might even catch an occasional glimpse of him playing guitar on certain songs!.

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